production numbers

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production numbers

Post by tomsheppard »

looking at, I found out that nearly 2.5 million were made.
I thought that to be a huge number, especially considering the number of survivors. I cannot recall if that is more or less than the BX but it is very close.
Wasn't the 2CV up around 2.9 million?
Does anybody know which was the most produced Citroen?

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Post by VisaGTi16v »

Visa sold about 1.25 million which does quite suprise me, must have been quite popular in France and that probably includes the c15 which you can still get and was popular as cheap etc

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Post by bikeboyz »

2CV in all its forms was 5.5 million units!

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Post by bxbodger »

When you see old 70's,early 80's TV shows on cable that were shot mainly on the street, i.e. Sweeney, Professionals, Minder, etc there's nearly always a GS, 2CV, or Dyane in the background, and also the Ami is surprisingly common. You don't often see a DS though. What you do see, however, are those other now vanished French cars, the Simca 1100-I remember there being one down every street at one point- the Renaults 4 and 6, the R16, and the odd Dauphine.
Cars do get built in surprisingly large numbers- I read today that the Focus has now passed the 4 million mark-in 25 years time I don't suppose we will see a single one!

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Post by Stinkwheel »

I can say for sure the 2cv and its varients were the largest produced citroens and that still to this day the GS and GSA were the next highest. Did you know that at one point in the mid sixties citroen were selling 3000 2cv varients a week.