XUD vs HDi

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Post by NiSk » 09 Sep 2004, 11:30

The HDi engine has one hugh advantage over all other engines on the market - when fitted to a PSA vehicle you can choose to have a particulate filter in the exhaust - this makes it the cleanest engine in the world - including LPG and biogas!


Post by Thunderbird » 09 Sep 2004, 14:24

Doesn't the particle filter remove some power to the car? Theorically, it should...

Daniel B
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Post by Daniel B » 09 Sep 2004, 15:47

Sorry to stray off topic, but I saw that film for the first time probably about 5 years ago, and I was totally absorbed, loved the ending too, and so didn't see it coming!
Not sure if it would appeal to non 'car people' as much?

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Post by vanny » 09 Sep 2004, 16:33

Dan you love to go off topic!
Is there any option for modifying the HDi, other than the powerstick. It seems a bit of a dull engine, no easy power mods, when it starts going wrong its likely to need a whole computer suite to fix rather than just a bag of spanners.
Maybe its because i use windows so much these days, but the idea of a box of highly volatile electronic equiptment (no matter how good the shielding) controlling the fundamentals of my car is scary. If the stop solenoid on my car starts to fail, then i know to jump out and rip the fuel line off, if the HDi goes spastic then what do i do? Pulling the battery might stop it going mental, but its likely to do more damage, thats assuming i can stop the car and get out and under the bonnet in the first place!
Though given the chance i'd probably rather have a HDi in the BX [:D]

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Post by Kowalski » 09 Sep 2004, 16:33

Anybody seen the remake?
'Poor' is the kindest I can be about it...


Post by Thunderbird » 10 Sep 2004, 14:40

This is just the beginning. By the rate we've seen electronics being introduced in cars, repairing a car in the future, will be replacing some card.
This also means we will start to see many cars hanging in the road, like in 1910, where the cars weren't much reliable.
A friend of mine couldn't start his Audi A6 from electronics failure.
My uncle saw its BMW 525d went dead in the highway, from electronic failure.
Another friend, couldn't drive his Fiat because pressing the acelerator had the inverse effect.
Except the Audi, that took over 6 months to spot the problem, as it was not a permanent failure, all the other were fixed by the simple replacement of an electronic card.

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Post by Kowalski » 10 Sep 2004, 16:21

There were some problems with early Xantia ABS Ecus but the later ones seem to be reliable and long lasting. The only electronic things on my first Xantia were the alarm, the clock and the stereo, all of which worked flawlessly. I do agree that modern car electronics can be difficult to diagnose when malfunctioning intermittently and the components are very expensive to replace too. My current Xantia had (or maybe still has) a water leak, the alarm ECU would get wet and the alarm would go off intermittently, this wasn't an electronic problem as such, but I thought it was an alarm problem initially (perhaps faulty sensors ?) and not a water problem.

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Post by NiSk » 11 Sep 2004, 00:48

YOU think thats scary - the latest trains delivered by Adtrans (now Bombardier) to the Stockholm underground use WINDOWS 95 as the O/S for the driver information system (!!!!!)
Yet another reason for not travelling collectively

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Post by Jim_Reaper » 11 Sep 2004, 01:31

Windows 95?????
for the love of (insert deity) what IS the world coming to?

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Post by vanny » 11 Sep 2004, 04:37

well you realise that Windows 95 is the the most stable option after 3.1 for workgroups?
Its simple, times it by 1 million and you have the number of flaws! Hence they renamed windows 2003, windows XP. After 2000 they couldnt take it anymore!
And i assume you have heard about Windows Auto, which is already in cars about to roll of the lines next year, god help us!

John F
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Post by John F » 11 Sep 2004, 05:24

Ah yes!! but will we be able to re-boot after a crash?[:D]

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Post by bikeboyz » 12 Sep 2004, 02:35

I recall from the Geneva motorshow a few years back, Citroen had a Xsara complete with Windows ME, operating system (or some other version of windows), controlling the whole car. I really could imagine tanking down the motorway and coming to a complete stop, as "Windows has caused an unexpected error!"

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Post by blueboy2001 » 12 Sep 2004, 02:43

The Xsara ran Windows CE, an OS which was designed for palmtop computers. It has now been superceeded by Windows Mobile 2002/2003. I've got an iPAQ running WM2003 and its quite stable.
The Xsara was apparently meant to enter production at some stage but it must have been shelved.

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Post by NiSk » 12 Sep 2004, 22:50

Aha! the automobile world has finally discovered another business enterprise that is even better at ripping off it's customers!!

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Post by Brilec » 14 Sep 2004, 05:30

Can the Catalytic convertor become clogged with the HDI engine? My new (to me) Xsara HDI 90 stops revving at 4000, but pulls very well below that. Fuel consumption is nowhere near as good as I expected either, only just beating my old 405 1.9 td estate.
It has only done 40,000 miles, and was last serviced at 36k. Air filter is certainly clean.
The original design of the HDI by PSA had a special fluid injected into the cat at regular intervals to burn off the crud. Too expensive in production perhaps?
Referring to the point made further up this thread, where does the particulate filter go on a PSA vehicle? Not that I can have one judging by the amount of black crud which covers the back of the car after a day's run. Why did I buy a white one?