Car ramps & eBay

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John F
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Car ramps & eBay

Post by John F »

For what it is worth; I wanted a pair of 2 tonne ramps to enable me to change the rear spheres safely on my Xantia so I had a look at eBay and found that there appeared to be some very inexpensive ramps on offer, so I bid on a couple of pairs. On bidding, the prices rapidy escalated to over £30.00, + P & P and other hassle, etc; took myself off to my local Parts & Accessory shop and there they were, brand new 2 tonne, wide, ramps @£22.40 the pair. Could there be a moral in this story?

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Post by reblack68 »

I see that sort of thing all the time on eBay. DVDs, mobile phones and PC components regularly fetch more than the new price.

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Post by np »

Good from a sellers point of view,bad if your mug enough to pay the price for it.As reblack68 says,i see it all the time as well.A lot of the time you ARE better off going to the shop to buy it your self.

Stuart McB
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I my self have sold a spot lamp for £21. Not bad but the fact is I bought 3 from an auto jumble for only £10. It was hanging around the garge for aver 2 years. Like they say "there's one born every minute".
Have sold all sorts of stuff on E-bay but the last thing was a 4x4 tow bar for only £5. !!!! that's right only a fiver. Was just glad to get rid of it. So what goes round comes round.

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Post by gjb02 »

I recently had a set of Ferodo brake pads (£25) and a PiperX Vector Air filter (£70) for the sum total of £30 inc P&P![:D]
There was this one time I spent £15 on an immobiliser kit, only to get it and find it was some wire and a switch, to hide under the dash![:I][V]
Some you win[8D]......and some, you get shafted![:(!]

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Post by bxbodger »

The reason it escalates is because you are usually bidding against the seller and his mates using other email addresses and identities, in order to ramp the price up ( no pun intended) !!