Lots of berries

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Lots of berries

Post by bernie »

Apparently if there are lots of berries on bushes at this time of the year it points to a very harsh winter.[:(]
My holly and cotoneaster bushes are awash with berries also my oak tree is laden with acorns.


Post by Jon »

My plum tree is "plum crazy". Is that any help? Its no help to me they keep falling in our garden.

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Post by bxbodger »

I am afraid it's more to do with a lot of summer rainfall to fuel the berries!
Branches kept breaking off my plum tree under the weight of the plums until I read somewhere that you are supposed to remove half of them in early summer to stop this happening- no self levelling or load compensating branches on my tree!

Stuart McB
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Post by Stuart McB »

Local winery on the tele last night obout increase of berries / grapes. Usual year 30 to 40k of bottles but his year 60k. Again loads of berries so 'hic' of the half penny green for some wine.

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Post by tomsheppard »

I've been driving a non air conditioned car all week-hence the weather! The strawberries are fruiting for the third time this season. As for predicting a harsh winter, Bernie predicted the next ice age to arrive before he finished off his aircon installation
[;)] SO IT IS HIS FAULT! [;)]

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Post by DLM »

There seems to have been a relatively heavy crop of newly-airconned BXs this year too....probably just as well as the originals have been thoroughly thinned-out in rrecent years, regardless of weather.