Too many spares?

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Too many spares?

Post by VisaGTi16v » 01 Sep 2004, 19:33

I currently own an ex group N visa gti rally car that I use for sprints and hillclimbs, its had a bx 16v lump donated to it etc and im currently rebuilding it from scratch. Anyway, I rent 2 lockup garages from the local council as I used to have a spare shell and although ive not used the car for over a year ive still collected the odd spare. Im wondering if I have too many...
Whilst up there yesterday organising bits to try and fit it all into 1 garage and so stop renting the other one I found (bearing in mind the car has doors and a boot on it atm but no more),
10 doors
5 bonnets
3 boots
8 wings
10 side skirts
4 rear bumpers
3 front bumpers
12 wheels
and numerous other bits.
Starting to think maybe I dont need it all as what sort of crash would I need to do a few times to need 5 spare bonnets lol :D
Perhaps I will cut back a bit and certainly not accept any more that are off to the scrap yard due to fatal body rot :)

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Post by ralph » 02 Sep 2004, 15:36

Ever considered building a Visa Gti stretch limo?

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Post by VisaGTi16v » 02 Sep 2004, 15:55

heh no, one thing I dont have anymore is spare body shells but I guess I could just weld in some bits of metal :)

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Post by bxbodger » 02 Sep 2004, 19:30

Keep the lot! You just never know when you are going to need it....
My shed is stuffed full of BL A series stuff-I haven't had an A series motor for years now, but you can bet your life that as soon as I get rid of it a nice 1275 GT will appear for 250 quid or so..............I did, however, finally get rid of a set of Kawasaki KH250 triple pipes and an airbox not long ago-I couldn't recall actually seeing one for at least 15 years, although now, no doubt, someone will give me one which just needs pipes and an induction system.....

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Post by VisaGTi16v » 02 Sep 2004, 23:01

heh yer I know thats why im compressing it and only chucking out really rusty bits etc. Re: 1275gt, theres an immaculate one that does sprints, hes been at a few ive been at. Totally standard, still has 145 tyres with positive camber all round and gets stuffed by ax gt's and metro gti 16v's in the upto 1.4 class but he seems to have fun :D

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Post by oilyspanner » 04 Sep 2004, 04:34

as soon as I throw something away I need the actual thing, generally within a week, murphys law operates here, be careful;)

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Post by VisaGTi16v » 04 Sep 2004, 05:31

oh yes deffinatly although I must at least sort all by bits out as im missing essential bits like 1 door hinge and some bolts for my roll cage and an air vent which is annoying me at the moment

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Post by gjb02 » 04 Sep 2004, 14:37

Keeping hold of old bits payed the other day.
I put the 16V in for it's MOT, the bloke called me over and pointed out my rear axle mounts! The square ones had separated completely, the axle was just hanging off the front mounts![:0] Luckily I had recently changed my rear axle on the TD, I had fitted new mounts and had four old ones left over![:)] I chose the best two and changed them. That saved me £20ish.[:D]
They were so easy to change, so if they fail in a few thousand miles I'll just buy some replacements. I doubt they will though!
Never throw anything until you're sure you don't need it anymore!

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Post by VisaGTi16v » 04 Sep 2004, 14:56

I think the whole fronts going to fall off my 16v at some point as the lower arm bushes etc are so shot but because the front bodywork is still quite mangled from when I hit a tyre wall I refuse to fix anything that doesnt absolutely need doing. I even have a spare 16v bumper and wings but it would cost too much to get them resprayed and straighten the front. I will probably be scrapping it next year so will have loads of bits available.
Norwich, ever been to Hethel, Lotus's test track? tis great, done 2 sprints there in my Visa

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Post by DLM » 06 Sep 2004, 20:31

This thread reminds me of a year ago and sifting through barely 2-years-worth of BX hoarding when movingh out of a the parental house I'd occupied for a couple of years while the family decided what to do with it.
Apart from the MOT-expired "practice" estate and scrap RD (plus 2 running diesel cars) there were something pretty close to the 12 wheels described above, vast tracts of trim, exhaust bits and bobs, suspension cylinders, superannuated rear arms, a pair of rear axles at various times, and several examples of the automotive kitchen sink.
Of course, almost anything thrown away at the time was needed VERY soon thereafter.

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Post by VisaGTi16v » 06 Sep 2004, 21:18

at the weekend I found 5 1.6 8v ecu's and 4 air flow meters also most of a 8v 1.9 engine. Now I have no need for those ecus etc!
Still, not found any cars yet like you lol :)