xm 2.5 estate

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xm 2.5 estate

Post by bobme »

i am new in here.
so please go gently with me ,can anyone give me any reasons not to change a xantia 1.9 for an xm 2.5td ta! bob.

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Post by Robin »

Welcome Bob. I can only suggest the fuel economy and general increase in running costs. Otherwise a very nice motor[:D] Robin

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Post by Mosser »

I had a 1995 2.5 td exclusive XM a few years back, and i used to get about 36mpg from it and the cost or servicing was very high at cit dealer, you could probably keep 3 xantia td's fully serviced for the same cost as one 2.5td xm !!,
But if your going to do your own servicing or use a cit specialist then i'd say go for it, they are supremely comfortable and very smooth and it is the only car that i can drive from bristol to glasgow non stop and not feel tired or achey when i get there!!