Off to la belle France for me hols...suggesstions?

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Off to la belle France for me hols...suggesstions?

Post by Gaskin »

It's holiday time and we're off to frogland as usual. First time with the Xantia. Any suggestions for RHD specific parts it might be worth taking such as throttle and clutch cables. Will get breakdown cover from someone (any suggestions?). Can anyone with recent experience of French prices recommend anything worth buying in France rather than here, roofbars? oil filters? etc etc.....

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Post by VisaGTi16v »

Cant really advise but ive been to france to watch the le mans 24 hour race 3 times. First time in my visa gti I took a railway crossing too quick and destroyed a rear shock. Drove back down the road with my friend and using sign language at this local citroen speciliast garage got them to come and pick it up and left the car there for 4 days whilst the fixed it (we squashed into his car). Quite cheap at £180 for 2 new shocks, fitting and the recovery pick up for 10 miles.
Then 2 years ago went in my zx 16v and the exhaust broke in 2, simple fix with some wire I had, just sounded a bit loud :)
Clutch cables always give me hassle so may be an idea as ive read on here that xantias also have the useless plastic clip holding it in. Oil used to be cheaper out there, dont know about filters etc. I went in 1 car shop and it had a touch sensitive screen bit where you pushed for what car you had etc and it would bring back all the parts information, far better than the folder things they have in halfords!

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Post by tomsheppard »

Forget car bits. They are expensive in france. Buy ground coffee, soap, cheese and wine.

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Post by bxbodger »

Clutch and throttle cables are about the only spares worth taking, as r.h.d. parts they will be impossible to get locally in France, anything else will be readily available.
Quality engine oils are cheap, as is diesel, but LHM is only marginally cheaper, still worth getting though, as you can get it in a nice but weird round Bendix tin, rather than a plastic bottle!
I also get sump plug copper seals- they are in the motoring section of the hypermarkets in packs of 5 and cost very little.
The last time I took my BX over (it can carry a LOT of booze...) I was surprised how few BX's I saw - they seem to have become a lot more scarce of late.
My first trip across the channel by car was in 1986 in a 1975 Allegro, with virtually every conceivable spare in the boot- my mate and I got all the way to Le Sud, when the clutch master cylinder went in Antibes: this was one part we didn't have! A bit of Franglais in a spares shop pointed the way to Cannes, where there was, of all things a Kenning's motors, then a big chain of BL dealers in the UK, trying to sell jags, maestro's, and montego's to the ex-pats on the riviera, and they had a seal kit on the shelf!

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Post by tomsheppard »

BXs are alive and well and living in Mayenne. They are regarded as the Farmer's car because they can carry a big load and self level.

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Post by JohnD »

I always bring my oil from Calais. I used to get filters there as well, but now I find GSF's price is better. I also got a set of Michelins when I was on the continent at a better price than here.