ramps / axle stands

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ramps / axle stands

Post by b21playa »

hi all
i wanted to know about the safety aspect before i buy any
the road outside my house is slanted towards the kerb so its not flat
is it safe to use axel stands under the car

Stuart McB
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Post by Stuart McB »

As long as the lean is not too excessive and you don't go too high on the stands you should be alright. I have a set of 2tonne stands from H***ords and they are ok for a ZX or Xsara. And my drive slopes down hill a little but I always chock the rear wheels aswell.

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Post by Mosser »

My driveway is sloping quite a lot towards the kerb, I use either axle stands or ramps and always chock the rear wheels, plus, i keep my trolley jack under the front sub frame just as a safety precaution because of the slope, the trolley jack can be a pain because it is int he way sometimes, but i'd rather have that inconvenience than being squashed like a bug if the car does come off the stands!