My Resignation Letter!!

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My Resignation Letter!!

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Mornin all..
As many of us probably do at some time, I found myself short of £'s so I found myself a second job, obviously it had to be somthing easy, unfortunately this also meant it was mind numbingly boring..!
To cut a very long story a bit shorter, I've just this very minute quit & I thought I'd share my resignation letter with the world..And no i dont need references from them..
Dear ******
Nice meeting you, all be it briefly...
I would like to tender my resignation from *** ************ as the post of ******* **** ****** from today 1st August 2004. If you need my notice period working please be advised I will use whatever holiday I am entitled to to cover this.
I have really enjoyed my time here, the childish unprofessional atmosphere & constant nettlesome complaining from seemingly all staff was wonderful & kept me entertained for literally minutes. If i ever miss working here i can always slam my head in a car door to bring back the wonderfull feelings of joy I've felt at working 7 days a week 2 of which being in this truly wonderful, well managed & not at all loathsome "job".
Although it pains me to part with it as i loved the similiarity of being electronically tagged I have left the key fob for the doors on my desk, a fleet of howling fire breathing hell monkeys could not drag me back here so I have no further need for it.
I trust this will be satisfactory.
If you need to, you can contact me at my full time employment; ******.******@****

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If you ever re-apply for a job there, be sure to post their response.
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Excellent, I have just changed jobs too, having recieved a rather threatening letter from former I scanned same and distributed via email along with my point by point response to all staff, very satisfying;) isnt technology useful.