abandoned cars

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abandoned cars

Post by tomsheppard »

Stooging around North London last night (in search of a member's BX to fix) I came across a Grey GTI for sale on 205 alloys (LUST!) and a clearly abandoned late TXD estate in good nick. Both cars were on the road and out of tax- Last Year!!!
Somebody had left a letter on the estate but it had been there so long it wasn't legible.
I'd like it but how do you find the owner without A: getting him in bother, or B: applying for a log book to get the former keeper's address (and most likely getting nicked for attempted fraud and made responsible for the back tax etc.)
I reckon that it will eventually be towed and crushed- A great pity as we are trying to save them. Anybody got any (Legal) ideas?
Oh, and the BX to fix? Done in ten minutes after 2 hours in traffic getting there!

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Post by James.UK »

Hi Tom, maybe if you phone the local civic centre or police station, they would be able to advise you as to what course of action you could take, and what options are open to you.. Sorry I can't be more helpfull.

alan s
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Post by alan s »

Do the right thing; make a Civil Servant feel wanted and more importantly to him, make him feel he's actually important and the Country needs more like him.....[^][:D][:p][:p][;)]
ASK the big questions such as "could you please give some helpful advice on which department I need to see?" and many gracious thank you's always go down well.
"What would you suggest would be the correct procedure to approach them" and "Look, I'm not very good at filling these forms out; would you mind just giving me a bit of a hand here?"............. once you get teh approach down pat, if you're good enough, the jobsworth might offer to drive it home for you!![:D][:D]
Alan S [;)]