M6 toll.puzzle.

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M6 toll.puzzle.

Post by James.UK »

Does anyone know why the M6 toll road starts off on the right of the M6, (going south) then crosses over the top and heads off toward the South East? Whats that all about? Why not just branch it left in the first place and save the cost of making a huge motorway bridge that (as far as I can see,) need never have been built at all? [?]

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Post by tomsheppard »

to make money for the contractors (and out of you of course.)

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Post by bernie »

Also to take up space on this forum[:D]

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Post by VisaGTi16v »

Its like why do we still pay for the Dartford crossing when this was originally intended to continue only until the cost of building it was attained. This happened last year or something
And why does it cost 4.60 or 5.60 or something stupid to go on the Severn bridge into Wales but nothing to come back out!!

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Post by oilyspanner »

If it cost anything to leave Wales we would all be stuck here;)
Re the M6 toll road, a delight, whisking you effortlessly from south of brum, well worth the money though possibly the thin end of the wedge.

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Post by Paulmi16 »

I went on the M6 toll website, to email them to see if I would be compensated for the inconvenience caused during the roadworks and delays whilst they built there 'moneymaking' scheeme. I did not receive a reply suprisingly.

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Post by James.UK »

I also went to the M6 toll website to request a detailed drawing of junction 11a via email. I got a phone call from them the next morning! They claim they don't have a detailed drawing of that particular junction (but they show detailed drawings of ALL the other junctions on their website?) but would be happy to send me a map. lol. [:D]
I asked why they hadn't simply forked left off the M6, instead of forking right and then crossing over it via a new bridge, they said they did not design the junction, they just manage the road.. Hmm So the mystery remains unsolved.. [|)][?]

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Post by freddo2004 »

In fact the Dartford crossing is now free. What you pay for is the short stretch of road leading to it.
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