The dreamspec BX goes home.

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The dreamspec BX goes home.

Post by tomsheppard » 17 Jul 2004, 03:02

This Morning, after a thoroughly enjoyable ten days in France, the BX and we had to come home. The aircon worked perfectly, The rest of it stayed viable but we were a little late leaving which meant that I needed to use the engine on the autoroute. Hauling up a two mile long hill, at 110MPH indicated and plenty left would have been remarkable, had we not settled to a 110 MPH cruise 30 miles ago...
Twelve year old BX. Jane suggests that it likes France, I reckon that it is something in the DERV (At 84 centimes/litre, it is cheaper than cooking oil.)
I don't usually let it get coked up anyway but I don't think it is now[:D]
Unwashed for a fortnight, though,it looks like a wreck!

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Post by oilyspanner » 17 Jul 2004, 16:47

Sounds like it was worth the work after all, my own dream spec one is still running well, it seems to upset Bora TDI drivers immensely;)

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Post by np » 17 Jul 2004, 18:32

After all that work though,it doesn`t look like we will get a summer![8D][:(!]Still,demists well in the rain[:)]
Whats next on the list of improvements?

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Post by tomsheppard » 18 Jul 2004, 13:29

My driving style.
But seriously folks- A couple of days after installation, I encountered a shower and had left the recirc switch engaged. On calling for hot and up and fan from the heater, a cloud of steam came out of the centre vent (Thinks- Oh no, the matrix!)and the glass steamed up completely.
I'll be putting a warning light on that as it is out of my line of sight while driving.
Next improvements?
A bit controversial, this. I have developed a sensor operated cooling system monitor (This is a full blown ECU so some of you will not like it.
The engine fans are driven with one wire from a solid state relay and the three relays that work the fans get junked. The radiator thermal switch wiring gets junked as do the aircon relays.
A sensor(£5), mounted where the old temp switch on the rad was reads out the temperature on a display, switching in the fans as needed and controlling their speed. Inputs from the aircon pressure switch (2 wires) go to this box together with another sensor (80p) go to the ecu
Which now senses aircon demand and uses another ssr to fire the aircon clutch.
That gets rid of five (Maybe six- I never understood why the cooling fan was cut off when the engine stops- that's when you need it most.) relays and their wiring, reads out the engine temperature, fan status and aircon temperature drop together with the battery voltage.
Current problem is finding somewhere to fit the display.

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Post by bernie » 18 Jul 2004, 15:16

Problem solved.
You can put it on MY dash

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Post by bernie » 25 Jul 2004, 15:50

OK Tom, as you did not accept my rather generous time limited offer of 3 for 1, you can put it in your car