a time before

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a time before

Post by mark_sp »

Now I know I work in I.T. and should be enthusiastic about modern technology, maybe it's my age but:
I find myself yearning for a simpler age, before mobile phones, personal computers and definately before political correctness.
In fact I think I'd like to go back in time and work on some of those massive engineering projects of the 19th Century, living closer to the land, with a much slower pace of life and real ale that really is/was real ale.
Only 2 problems, the time machine isn't quite ready yet and if it was I'd probably end up working down a pit or catching some long extinct disease for which there would be no treatment at that time.
Of course the only thing I'd really miss is my Xantia

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Post by VisaGTi16v »

Computers have their uses but I dislike them when I get a text from the monitoring machine at work informing me that half of the server room is on its way down so I have to go in early. Had a long weekend as well so was looking 'forward' to work even less.
Castles and Pyramids, that sort of thing fascinate me. How on earth they built them I dont know