Summer's gone awol

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Summer's gone awol

Post by bernie »

And it's all Tom's fault[:D][:D]
Get rid of that air con system and let's have our summer back[8D][8D]

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Post by tomsheppard »

Thanks, Bernie. I did not organise Wimbledon! When you complete your a/c installation, do it in Winter...

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Post by bernie »

Winter 04[?], winter 05[?], winter 06[?]
It's been 3 years already.
Come the next ice age[:D][:D][:D]

alan s
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Post by alan s »

Alright; I'll admit it. It's come over here to spend the winter.
Must be as we are officially in Winter and the thermometer on my car today was showing 31 when I was parked in a shopping centre car park.
It's almost 6pm, it's dark (like it usually is in Winter here) and I'm sitting here in shirt sleeves.
My guess is that when it decides to go even just a bit colder our blood will still be so thin that a 20 degree day will feel like about 20 below.
We have trees that shouldn't have a leaf on them by now with a full head of leaves and fruit trees that usually start to bud up in about September full of blossom. Bloody crazy.
Alan S

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Post by mark_sp »

Sounds good to me.

John F
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Post by John F »

alans, don't you get sick of all that sunshine? Every day the same, sun comes up, sun goes down - life gets tedious, don't it?[:D]