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Well, I recently 'passed on' the 1.4i Pzazz to a bloke, in return for doing some work on my house. It was out of MOT, and hadn't been used for a month or so.
He took it for its MOT (by coincidence) to the garage where I've taken it for the last five years. They tested it after asking him how he came to have it (they know it fairly well!). And a strange thing happened - it passed without ANY problems! Every year (of the seven I've had it) something has been wrong, usually requiring at least £100 of work, usually such things as bushes, CV joint gaiters, blowing exhaust, worn flexible brake hoses, etc.
I wish I'd had a bit more confidence in it and MOTd it myself - might have got a few hundred for it! It looks like I won't have the same experience with the Volcane...a company car should be on the way, so it'll have to go [V]
Must be a bit strange for a 10-year-old car to pass its MOT first time for the first time though...I've always wondered if it was a rogue one!

alan s
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"Coincidences" can happen given the right set of circumstances.
I just registered a car but on first presentation, I fronted the local Transport Department office. Unless you live in Queensland Australia you possibly couldn't understand that we have here a Government Department where I'm sure any hint of a smile or anything user friendly usually leads to instant dismissal. I don't have any proof of this but when you have to go in & look at all these sour faced unco-operative rude b@$tards you have to come to this conclusion.
I had filled in the necessary forms (in triplicate) which included all the particulars on my wife's licence. "Where's the licence!!!???" growls the fire breathing dragon behind the counter. "Why" I ask. "Because we have to see it!!" she/it foams.."Why not just put it on the computer and verify the details?" I suggest..."Because we have to see the licence!!" comes the vile response. "Why??" asks I..."It says so on that form" she then snarls..."Where?" says I...."It's there says she" "But where?" says I..."Anyway, you're in the wrong aisle...you should have taken a ticket from machine 4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"[:(!][:(!][:(!][:(!] "Typical bloody brainless Queensland Transport officer...geezes you bloody lot give me the ****s yadayadayadayadayadayadayada....ad infinitum" (storms out of office complete with middle finger pointing skywards)[}:)][:(!][V][:(][:p][:o)]
Go howe & collect spouses licence; collect ticket (from machine #4) different attendant..."Back hey?" ......."Yep".........."Got the other licence??" ..............."Yep, but didn't need it in the first place" .........."Yes you did"..........."Nope; show me where"........"Gee, you're right you didn't either"...."Why did I have to put up with all that other bu!!$#!+? Got anything to do with the fact I stood in the wrong queue?" ..........(bit of a stupid giggle)....."There you go, that wasn't all that hard was it?" ...."No but you forgot something." ..................."Oh, what was that?"..........."You're the bloody wizards on protocol, you tell me" as I walk out with my plates and receipts.....
Been so engrossed trying to take the p**s out of me they forgot to come out to the car & physically check the engine number. I am now waiting to get a notification telling me that I have to present the car for an examination at which point I will dish out a full on $#!+ sandwich...you come to me. 'coz I ain't coming to you. Your blue, you fix it.
As I say, amazing how the system has to be obeyed to the letter until it comes time that either someone who knows someone is involved or they are trying to pacify someone; then it's a whole new ball game.
Alan S

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Sounds like fun Alan! Hope the engine No is somewhere inaccesible and oily...!
Had I bothered to change the handbrake cable on my Xantia (had bodged it as thought it was going to be a mare, but turned out to be pretty easy really!) it would have passed first time this year - at 8.5 years old / 103,000 miles. That would have been a first for me!!

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And I thought New Zealand beauracracy was bad!!