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Post by np » 20 Jun 2004, 05:43

Just like to share my thoughts on the xsara.I had 1 on loan last week while my car was being fixed.Dont mean to upset any owners out there.
Xsara W 00,1.4, forte i think(only 1.4 badge)
Good points,[:)]
screamer of an engine,
4 wheels,
better than walking.
Bad points,[:(]
Poor mpg,poor rear visabilaty,low rent interior,poor build qulity,big panel gaps on all joins,useless stereo,center dash & controls seem to be angled for left hand drive,rough ride,silver gear knob worn white.
I know its time is nearly up but...
Zx was much better,Xantia too.Saxo better as well,and that was a cheaper car.Is this why you dont see alot of Xsaras???
Agree[^] or disagree[V]?...

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Post by JohnD » 20 Jun 2004, 14:22

[quote]<i>Originally posted by np</i>

Zx was much better,Xantia too.Saxo better as well,and that was a cheaper car.
My daughter has an HDI -= and she loves it! I don't mind it either - but I like my Xantia better.
Is this why you dont see alot of Xsaras???
Travel through Spain and you'll realize that the Xsara is probably their most popular Citroen.

Stuart McB
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Post by Stuart McB » 22 Jun 2004, 17:00

As a Xsara owner I must say the the Xsara is more evolutionary than revolutionary.

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Post by VisaGTi16v » 22 Jun 2004, 17:45

well it was the same chassis as the zx :)

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Post by ralph » 22 Jun 2004, 18:00

I'd say the Xsara is typical French - major components are rock solid, the rest will gradually fall apart.
Had mine for 2 and a half years.
Rev counter packed in (common XUD problem),
Power steering pump went at 100,000 miles, (pulley bearings gave up)
Exterior door handles are weak, passenger side now unreliable (fix that when I can't get in)
Front seats lack support (mine's an LX)
Airbag warning lights occasionally come on for no reason
Slight rust underneath boot floor.
Paint easily scratches and marked (dark blue)
Apart from that, no bother. 50mpg easy on a long run. Quite rapid, comfortable, but not a screamer around corners.
Looked after it should last a long time, and it's easy to work on.
Poor rear visability has an upside - you're not on show when you cut other drivers up.

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Post by np » 23 Jun 2004, 00:12

Over all,it was ok.It was better than walking!It also had high miles,& as a spare garage car,been thrashed by every one.Maybe i expected more from a 3 yr old car.

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Post by xsaraboy » 15 Aug 2004, 20:02

my xsara vtr has been fine for 2.5 years only a few niggly problems which have been sorted