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Zx Reflex

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From this months Top Gear mag`s Best car/worst car feature.
"Robert Bright,production editor,
Best car:-Zx Reflex Diesel,
"Yes,thats right,best car.Now hear me out.At £400,it was what a very cheap car should be;something that gets you about,costs little to fill and doesn`t go wrong for at least a year.Hardly an inspiring remit but it does fulfil the functional basics.Ok,so hilarious renditions of Duran Duran whenever friends clocked the name started to grate after a while,and it wasn`t likely to have the ladies swooning at zebra crossings,but the stereo had a tape player which made for better aural entertainment than listening to nutters on the bus"
Worst car,buy the way,Talbot Samba[:D][:o)][:I]