AX dash lights feed?

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AX dash lights feed?

Post by tfurness » 05 Jun 2004, 02:32

[black][blue]Hi my girlfriends AX dash lights don't work at all. Have replaced the bulbs but it's no better. There doesn't appear to be a feed to the "circuit" board. The radio and fog lights illumination works as it should but no dash lights. Incidentally the heater control lights don't work either but that doesn't really matter. What could be causing it? where are the earth points? Which relay is it?
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Post by philhoward » 05 Jun 2004, 02:37

Tried the rheostat (dimmer)? Don't know about AX's inparticluar, but they tend to be on the underside of the steering column. Try wiggling it, or even shorting it out.


Post by cheesesliceking » 16 Jun 2004, 00:55

they only dim not turn off totally, fuse perhaps?

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Post by uhn113x » 16 Jun 2004, 13:10

If the rheostat is o/c or disconnected, the dash lights will go out, despite the fact it only dims