Aircon conversion

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Aircon conversion

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What a weekend! Sunday saw the heater assemblies removed from the BXs of DLM and myself to transfer the aircon system over to my car. Much wiring was changed over as well. Sunday evening was a boozy affair- going on until 2am. that was a mistake. Have you ever tried to install the BX heater with a monumental hangover? This forum can boast two men who did. Around 7PM last night we had two running cars, each with lights, horns and wipers, cooling systems bled and a miscellany of minor electrical glitches from things unplugged or miswired in haste. I'll be spending some time with circuit diagrams before the glove box goes back in (if indeed it will!) Not a job for the faint hearted and we haven't swapped sumps and compressors yet!
Still the job is under way and that was the most laborious part of the exercise cracked. If you are hoping to change the heater over on your BX, allow a weekend!