Wife's happy Megane Convertible.

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Wife's happy Megane Convertible.

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The wife is now one happy bunny again. She took delivery of her new (to her) Renault convertible "Y" reg last week end. Silver 1.6 16 valve with leather and all the bits. It came from Renault in Birmingham and she was looked after by the dealer as though his life depended on it. Even took the car back to Birmingham Renault from Worcester (where we are) to have the interior light fixed yesterday at no charge and left a nice new clio DCI (sporty diesel)as a courtesy car. This was all after the car that turned out to be not only an import[:(!], had accident damage[:(!], 5 owners from new not 2[:(!] and was about £2500 over priced[:(!], was returned bck to the Rover dealers in Harbourne Birmingham. SHE'S ONE HAPPY TEDDY [:D][:D][:D]
Life and the house have now returned to tranquility.[8D]