coal fired diesel engines

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coal fired diesel engines

Post by Robin »

Found this while doing a bit of research on a marine unit I am working on -
The present program on coal fueled diesel engines was undertaken on the premise that the problems experienced by the Germans might be able to be solved by using recent technical developments such as: coal cleaning and micronizing techniques capable of producing 0.5% ash, 6 micron mean size coals; use of coal-water slurry fuels instead of coal dust; modern diesel engine technology available to Cooper, GE, EMD, and other engine manufacturers, including high BMEP, high efficiency and low maintenance components; and ceramic components for wear resistance, reduced heat loss, and enhanced char burnout.^The basic motivation behind the METC initiative is to prepare coal-burning technology for the 1990`s and beyond, when oil and gas prices may rise to unacceptable levels.
Fancy designing a coal tender for the Citroen?

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Fancy designing a coal tender for the Citroen?
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Already got a BX estate thanks[:D][:D]

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I think you'll find during the war that people powering their cars on charcoal wasn't all that unusual. Kero was another alternative fuel.
Can you imagine all the bent poiticians we have these days trying to find a way of taxing that form of energy!![:o)][:o)][:o)]
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Post by AWG »

It would be nice to complete the circle. Rudolph Diesel's intention was to build an engine using coal dust as fuel (plenty of it lying around in Germany!) but when it blew up he moved on to liquid fuel. The problem is to achieve a rate of controlled combustion matching that of an atomised liquid without disasters like Diesel's. Of course, once that is solved you could use flour as a fuel which would really cause a taxation headache [:D].

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I read an article on converting cooking oil into useable fuel,processing it with sodium hydroxide and isotropyl alcohol,just go down the local chipshop and scrounge all their waste oil.