How to adjust a ZX 1.9D auto gearbox. ..

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How to adjust a ZX 1.9D auto gearbox. ..

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As result of all the tests carried out re thread "Slow Avantage or fast Aura" I did manage to work out how to adjust the 'change point' on the ZX-Peugeot 1.9D auto gearbox (1993-4) when fitted with a Bosch diesel pump.
To make the gearbox hold its gears longer you have to loosen the nut that locks the throttle cable in place and slide it towards the pivot point of the lever its attached too.. i.e. move it away from the radiator toward the engine.. To make the gears change earlier, move the cable toward the radiator a bit.. i.e. away from the pivot point.
You don't need to move it much, a slight adjustment makes a big difference.. So test after each adjustment untill the car changes from 1st into 2nd gear at about 32-34 mph (approx 4300-4500 revs) from stationary on level ground when you put your foot right to the floor, the other gears will be about right then. [^]
You may need to adjust the throttle cable for length once you have moved it. Too slack will make the gears change too soon, and too tight will make the engine tickover too fast, (850-900 rpm seems about right on my ZX).. and may also allow the engine to get into its red zone i.e. 4800-4900 rpm before it changes up.. <b>So make your alteration small and test after each one... </b> [8)] [:)]
Please note that the figures given are when the car is under max excelleration. With gentle excelleration the car will change gear at much lower speeds-rpm.. [^]