Hinge Pins

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Hinge Pins

Post by reblack68 » 03 May 2004, 06:29

Assuming I can extract the hinge pins from my Savanna does anybody have any suggestions about what to replace them with?
I don't want to buy the real thing because I think much of the wear will be on the actual hinge so the correct pin won't help much.
Is there a favourite cure for the worn hinge problem? I've posted it here because it's something that affects all the makes here.

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Post by jeremy » 03 May 2004, 12:41

why not use a tensile bolt? From what I recall my Renault 21 had pressed steel hunges and I expect some of the pins have worn the holes in the hinge= in which case if access is reasonable you may be able to drill them oversize.
The problem I had was with the driver's door hinge falling off either the bodywork or the door (can't remember which now) and trying to bodge it with weld.

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Post by James.UK » 03 May 2004, 23:54

Try:- Get two pieces of wood approx 2 inch by one and a half inches, about 12 inches long, and a short plank, 5 to 6 foot long.
Place one piece of wood on the door sill to protect it, then slide the plank under the door and onto the wood. (you may need to lift one side of your car if the plank is too long). Then put the other short piece of wood on top of the plank, but under the door so that the plank does not lift on the door skin.. [:0] Keep the plank as far from the door hinge as possible to give max leverage on them.
Then lift the end of the plank up carefully to lever the door upwards a little, try the door for fit after each lift untill it swings into place freely without the bottom of the door catching its sill..
When you are happy with its fit, the job is done.. [:)] This was a very common practice on Jaguars etc with worn drivers door hinges due mainly to the heavy weight of its doors, and always worked very well...
You had better examine the state of the metal around the door hinges on a modern car to make sure its capable of taking the lift first though, dont want your hinges to come off the car!! [8)] [:I]

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Post by reblack68 » 05 May 2004, 01:25

I think the area around the hinges is pretty sound, so I might try that before I get the Oxy-Acetylene and drill out.