Workshop manual howlers

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Workshop manual howlers

Post by JimW »

I've read it a few times, but this particular gem only really sank in the other day (taken from Haynes 94-00 Laguna manual).
"Slip the belt over the crankshaft sprocket, keep it taught and feed it over the idler pulley, etc. etc." Brilliant, thank you Haynes !
On reflection, as this (cam) belt has an automatic tensioner, maybe it's "self taught" ?

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Post by uhn113x »

[:D][:D]Another example of spell-checker induced illiteracy.
I wonder if this is a peek into the future? Intelligent cambelts? Will they replace themselves?
We shall see.........

Stuart McB
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Post by Stuart McB »

How about the ZXTD drive shaft for off side. " Slaken off and turn 90 degree's" that's the itermedient bearing housing studs. Doesn't even mention having to undo them for about an inch first. Oh how I laughed.