Stolen Civic

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Stolen Civic

Post by cheesesliceking »
OK so its not a German Swedish or French car & i know some people domnt like the modified car scene but i checked out the site & realy felt for the owner,, i just hope she manages to get some form of revenge.[:(!]

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Post by VisaGTi16v »

no one deserves that really except perhaps for some of the yobbed up cars i see around here
not on quite the same level but my flat mate woke me up one morning asking why i had left my passenger side doors open on my old visa gti. As it was 7am im like er what? Go outside to find the smashed rear quarter window, both doors open, stereo missing...If only they had gone in through the drivers side as the visa's stupidly loud central locking which only works on the drivers door would have gone off and scared them away. Got into work at about 11am instead of 9 as I went to local scrap yard to get a window. This meant removing the bar in the rear door which is naturally rivetted in and the visa in question was on top of another car in the scrap yard. Cue precarious balancing on one pile of cars leaning across to the other to drill down from above with battery drill.
Some people grr, had someone roll up to a crossroads before and wasnt looking in my direction and kept rolling out, i swerved and he hit the rear and spun me around. He then shot off, suffice to say a mk2 fiesta with fake xr2 body panels on will always be caught by a hissed off visa gti driver. Got some money out of him to repair the damage. Would have called the police as i had him cornered down a dead end road but not sure what their view would have been on why and how I had followed him :)

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Post by reblack68 »

That's a good illustration of where stuff "off the back of a lorry" often comes from.
We have posters up locally saying things like "She's frightened to leave her house,you got her DVD player cheap"
I hope the scrotes get what's coming to them.


Post by Jon »

Um OK, its a depressing tale.
At this point that I have to say that myself and GSF Car Parts Ltd totally absolve ourselves of any responsibility in naming a person allegedly invloved in stealing these car parts, as this information was already in the public domain before it was linked here.
Just in case.

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Post by TomH »

well I would have sympathy, but that is a truly horrible tacky looking car! ugh! WHY?


Post by cheesesliceking »

I think it looks kinda smart, fair enough its not everyones cup of tea. but you have to have some respect for
the time & effort that went into it. [:)]

alan s
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Post by alan s »

I'm lost for words at the way this bird has set about sorting the scumbags out; pity there weren't more like her. What a result.
I'd reckon the supposed spotter/fence has done his job for sure, then he's a sitter for getting done for being an accomplice after the fact, the thieves are a cert to get fingered and if they're in an organised ring the whole outfit's a starter to go down.
When they nail them there's a chance that restitution could be called for at which time if it were me, I wouldn't miss 'em with the quoted prices, so at the end of the day, she could end up in front and the toerags could be looking for fresh digs, once they get out.
Poetic justice I think they call that don't they?
Alan S


Post by cheesesliceking »

Indeed, & hopefully somewhere along the lines they'll receive a good shoeing...[xx(][:(!][B)]

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Post by paranoid »

You should try the modified bike game, I lost all my faith in the scene years ago, put the word out I needed a set of forks and clocks and 48hrs later got offered the bits off my mates bike complete with gouges where I slipped working on them weeks before, the sick feeling you get is terrible, mate didn't know bike had gone he was on holiday had to break news to him when I picked him up from airport.
The rotten thing is the parts people always seemed legit and I'd had stuff off them for years, After a bit of investiagation one night Waited in sight of the place and you guessed it at about 11pm van turns up with 2 nearly new fireblades, Police tryed there best but these guys cover there asses real good, and there not the type of people you want a wrestle with either.[V]