somebody talk some sense into me-please!

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somebody talk some sense into me-please!

Post by tomsheppard »

So, I have little money but I ran across a car I like the look of.
It is petrol- I want diesel
It is auto - I want manual
It is blue - I want white
It doesn't even go for heaven's sake!
Could be the flywheel sensor?
Have I finally lost it or is it ok to become posessed by a CX Break?
Seriously, what are they like to live with 'cos I think I'm in love!

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Post by DLM »

I can understand you opening your heart to a CX Tom - perhaps what's underneath might give some clues as to how far you'll have to open your wallet....or frazzle your braincells in the first instance. ... l#Flywheel ... _turbo.htm ... DSTART.HTM

alan s
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Post by alan s »

Cxs are a fun machine. A CX break is a very versatile machine due to its size but they do have their limitations particularly in the UK.
Firstly, a CX break in an auto and even more so in a town environment would be an absolute petrol guzzler. I just reluctantly sold my c-matic which is a manual transmission driven through a torque converter & it was extremely economical. It managed 9 litres/100klms on open road travel and 10 - 12 in the city so we're talking possibly 20mpg.
Second downer is rust. CXs if they have rust in them can rust while you look at them. This is not as big a problem in the later ones as all the ones we get out here are the series one and series two are less prone to it but in an environment where they dump salt on the roads I can still imagine it being some problem all the same.
As a car to drive.....well that's where the pay off comes. The guy who bought mine for some reason seems to have taken an instant dislike to it and is complaining about all the things wrong with it that he was told were wrong before he bought it; nothing major but pointed out to him anyway and also complained about the seating position which would have to be a World first, but he prefaces all the complaints by saying how he drove that car immediately upon collecting almost 1200 klms in 14 hours almost they say in the movies; I rest my case!!
Alan S