Just wondering why?

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Just wondering why?

Post by Robin »

I have had several looks at the Porsche and VW sites on the GSF lists and there is virually no traffic at all. Compared to the Citroen site it is just - well - silent!
Do we Citroen owners have an uncommon herding instinct or are the other vehicles just more reliable or their owners unable to use the forums and simply chat?[:0] Well you do have to be kind of intelligent to own a Citroen[;)]
Also, what is the relationship between 'Andyspares' and the other GSF forums?
Is there a kind of magic involved[?]

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Post by JohnD »

I can remember (about 14 years ago) when my local GSF shop was called Vee Wee. They did nothing but VW spares. Later, they became German and Swedish. Andyspares was a supplier of Citroen/Peugeot parts. More recently the two businesses amalgamated and became GSF.
My guess regarding the lack of postings on the Porsche site is simply that your average Porsche driver isn't interested in lifting the bonnet.

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Post by Robin »

I have just had a thought. Perhaps the average Porsche owner thinks they go by magic because when you open the bonnet theres nowt to be seen! Robin

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Post by alan s »

I think it has more to do with the nature of the owners than the reliability of the cars.
There's a couple of BMW forums filled with thousands of horror stories on them & out here there's a board that handles just French cars & Citroen is the smallest of the three marques.
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Post by Robin »

I just wonder if the natural character of a person and the car they drive is linked. I do have a Porsche but the 924 which is not a Porsche at all in some camps.
From this we may conclude that Cit owners are personable, intelligent, generally polite and Forum anoraks[;)]

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Post by James.UK »

Hmmm I'm not sure its the cars at all? I think we are lucky enuff to have a group of really nice people regularly contributing to this forum, some of that must be due to the regulators keeping it idiot free. Anyway.. Thank to you all for making this a great forum.. That includes all of our overseas friends who also help a lot to make this a great site. :-D (thats enuff groveling for one day) lol...

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Post by oilyspanner »

Citroen owners seem quite normal, when we met at the northern meet, our hands were clean, we didnt drip LHM and we didnt all have beards! I think these unique cars bring out the eccentric in us and saving money is second nature (to me at least) I was talking to a Garage guy recently who said many px bargains are not worth repairing and get scrapped for that reason, anything under £5K being a banger.


Post by Interwired »

I would say there a couple of reason why the French forum is so much more popular then GSF's other Forums :
1) The French forum has been running a good 2 years longer than the other GSF Forums, and during that time it has established itself with a Large membership base, before the other forums got started.
2) A Very large majority of Forums on the net are U.S Based, where French cars are not nearly as popular as other Brands. A search of the net will find a lot of very popular and well estabilshed U.S Based forums covering the other Makes that are not so popular on the GSF Forums.
Naturally the Porsche Forum(s) will always be less popular than the other brands(less Porsche owners out there, than Citroen owners).

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Post by jeremy »

I think the popularity of Citroen boards is due to the hydraulic system. We buy hydraulic Citroens because we like them and know they can be fixed. We quickly learn not to trust many garages with them and at least like to know what is wrong before getting it fixed. As there aren't any foolproof guides to the system the net is a natural resource when seeking information on them.
there seem to be good followings for FWD vehicles including a great deal of diesel knowledge on one land Rover board that I looked at.

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Post by mikgram »

someone I work with bought an 81 924 and has had so many problems with it he could write a handbook on the thing himself,I did suggest
welding a couple of handles on the back of it so when it broke down it was easier to push.

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Post by Robin »

And yet the 924 is such a basic car! Compared with a Cit it is positively childs play. R


Post by Jon »

And, on day 7 God created Citroen, then Linux then Mac????
Seriously, a sensible answer. Most BMW and VW forums are from the USA. The GNS forum is not. Do a Google search for BMW forums and you will see what I mean.
Andyspares Citroen forum has been going since Xmas 2000 in the present leadership, and also had 18 months prior to that as a general French Forum, we're very lucky here that we have become such a big forum, all due to our enthusiastic Members. I would also like to add that it's due to to out International membership, and our Plain English policy.
Does anyone want to take it over??[:p] [:)][:D]

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Post by tomsheppard »

Jon! The only thing a Mac is good for is keeping the rain off.
(All was well in the Garden of Eden until Eve found the Apple.)