Forum members' meeting Southampton 3rd April

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Forum members' meeting Southampton 3rd April

Post by tomsheppard » 21 Mar 2004, 06:05

Directions to the Dolphin, 30 Osborne Road South Southampton SO17
Quiet side street so not hard to park which is a mercy 'cos the pub's car park is small. Beer is very good and the food is pretty decent. Nice atmosphere, about 20% oxygen.
From the airport roundabout M27 towards Southampton.
Second lights road forks left onto
A335 Thomas Lewis Way
Stay on this road, across main junction (about 1/3 mile).
St. Denys station is on your left and you pass under the footbridge.
Now right at the next lights. Road bears right and divides into three. Take the right hand road.
The Dolphin is about 50 yards down on the right hand side.
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Post by Jon » 22 Mar 2004, 02:43

Ok, If I'm on about the correct alehouse, then these maps below should help, if not, inform me and I will change them!!

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Post by tomsheppard » 27 Mar 2004, 07:13

Yes, thank you Jon, Note, no access from north into Osborne Road.

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Post by tomsheppard » 04 Apr 2004, 16:45

And it came to pass...
A demographic survey of the six Citrophiles who turned up revealed that none was teetotal and only a third had beards
The beer was good (My BX couldn't make it home, through lack of a sober driver; good job I chose a local pub!), The grub was fine, the talk wasn't just about Citroens and a good time was had by all.
Thanks to Jon and Louis for attending from Swindon, Kered and Jeremy turned up with indulgent wives, Kered's being pressed into service as his Xantia had been broken by an uninsured driver reversing up a one way street at 60 MPH. The photos didn't make pretty viewing but he was well up to the task of drowning his sorrows and agreed with your correspondent about the Morroccan shank of lamb (Yummy!) and the HSB (A sort of LHM for organic life forms). Jeremy's wife Jill took the picture which DLM will post in due course. DLM and myself made up the numbers and they chucked us out at chucking out time, a happy band of people. Again, thanks to all who attended to swap yarns and advice, new friends were made and it will almost certainly happen again. Congratulations to Vanny for hosting the meeting in the arctic wastes of the far north, It looks as though you all had a good time.

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Post by DLM » 05 Apr 2004, 16:44

Pic of Southampton meet courtesy of Tom: good time had by all (despite the rain outside, which I was probably aquaplaning through at the time of the photo).
From Left: Louie, Derek, Tom, Jon, Jeremy's elbow......
Note pressure gauge behind Louie's head - a truly hydropneumatic hostelry!

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Post by alan s » 06 Apr 2004, 04:11

'twould seem to be a somewhat <i>'holy event'</i> with the <i><b>"Good Book"</b></i> on the table; or is the blue one on Jon's left the one you were reading all the funny stories out of? [:D][:D]
Looks like you had fun; who knows, one day I might make it to one..[:p][}:)]
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