I've been cloned

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I've been cloned

Post by JohnD » 18 Mar 2004, 01:35

Having idled away the past three months in Southern Spain, I returned home yesterday to tackle a huge pile of mail. One of the first envelopes to be opened produced a parking fine from the Borough of Hackney for £100. Because of non-payment, another letter told me the fine had increased to £150. Both letters quoted the Reg. No. of one of my vehicles, but the car was described as a Black Vauxhall. A third letter produced yet another fine of £100, on a different date; my Reg. No. but this time on a red Daihatsu. Yet another demand was opened, again for £100, same Reg. No., but on a grey Vauxhall. Hackney Council have threatened me with Court Orders and bailiffs. I can't wait for them to arrive with their clamps!
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Post by Homer » 18 Mar 2004, 01:59

Typical, you would think they would check the rest of the car details, at least the colour when they get your name and address from the DVLA.
You are lucky they are only parking tickets, if one of these cars gets caught by a speed camera you could have come home to a conviction for failing to supply the name of the driver.
Good luck with getting it sorted. I wouldn't wait for the bailiffs, I doubt they will be given more than the reg number, or care if the car is the wrong make/model/colour.

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Post by alan s » 18 Mar 2004, 16:10

There is a State (Territory) in Australia know as the Northern Territory.
No disrespect to them, but "Territorians" have a reputation for being <i>"different."</i> The have the reputation of drinking more beer per capita than anyone else in the World and you can buy a thing called a "Darwin Stubby" (a stubby out here is normally 375 ml) that holds around 3 litres of beer.[:0]
They have Road Trains which are like a semi/articulated truck with 5 or more trailers on the back and roads that go hundreds of miles between towns hence there are areas that for years have had no speed limits, after all, it's just what you need, a copper with a speed camera when you're trying to pass a road train that's about 80 metres long and another truck is coming towards you.
However, they decided after having the best road toll figures in the Country, they were going to go all road safety conscious & instal speed cameras.
Didn't they get a haul of speeding pictures.....whoopee!!!! we're gunna be rich just like the Governments down south they excitedly thought....<u><i><b>WRONG!!</b></i></u> You don't trap a Territorian that easy...all they did was use insulation tape of the same colour if they were going anywhere there might be a camera & simply change the rego number; doesn't take too much imagination to make a 9 an 8 or a 6 an 8 or an 8 an 0 and so on, so the problem was, how do you trap 'em when they don't play fair???
Don't know if they ever worked it out but we don't hear much of their "safety measures" in the form of revenue increases as we do in other states.[:D][}:)]
Maybe it's an idea that's caught on in the UK & you've been the victim??
Alan S [}:)]

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Post by VisaGTi16v » 18 Mar 2004, 18:29

lol john. reminds me of the time i was clamped on a saturday due to accidentally parking in a residents place but then their office was shut and so I couldnt get the clamp removed and move my car until mid morning on monday. Surely a fine would have been better as I could then have moved my car straight away instead of having it block the residents spot for a further 2 days which is what the offense was!

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Post by tomsheppard » 18 Mar 2004, 18:57

I suppose that you could change the plates when the bailiffs come round...

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Post by AndersDK » 19 Mar 2004, 22:23

Same happened here in DK recently.
Funny thing is - it was from a Norwegian council - the fined danish owners had never been to Norway at the accused time of crime.
Same basic problem : different cars, different colours.

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Post by Sl4yer » 20 Mar 2004, 01:59

Unforunately number plate theft is on the increase with all the cameras around, and now the congestion charging in London. My dad had his number plates nicked in Stockport. Another guy I know has had 'his' Daewoo photographed twice by speed cameras when it was parked on his drive. Luckily for him, there was enough detail in the pics to convince the police that the car wasn't his, just one wearing identical plates!

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Post by tomsheppard » 20 Mar 2004, 04:51

Certainly the congestion charging system has been finding doppelgangers at the rate of 200 in its first month of operation. This is why number plate suppliers have to go through all sorts of bureaucracy to "police" the system so badly.
Until we have the simple system used in Denmark We'll have to pay armies of police and Civil servants to waste millions and more millions creating ever more ludicrous means of corrupting a failed system.
In Denmark, You have the car MOT'd By the Government inspectors (Who are very tough!)
Then you pay your weight tax and your insurance (you are sent a bill). Then the government issue you with a plate. And if you don't pay, they take it away again. Childishly simple.

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Post by Homer » 24 Mar 2004, 00:39

<blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id="quote">quote:<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by Sl4yer</i>

Luckily for him, there was enough detail in the pics to convince the police that the car wasn't his, just one wearing identical plates!
<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"></blockquote id="quote"></font id="quote">
Luckily for him he lived in an area where they are still providing the photos. Most arears now won't supply them until a court date has been arranged. To get a court date you have to refuse the fixed penalty offer, opening yourself to increased fine/points if you can't prove it wasn't you.
As far as motoring in the UK goes you are guilty until proven innocent. [:(!]
Meanwhile the real culprit goes free as there is no profit to be had from chasing him.