Crazy Weather!!

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Crazy Weather!!

Post by Jon » 12 Mar 2004, 05:09

here we are in March, I just took this pic from my back door of my house looking towards the garages.

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Post by webkin » 12 Mar 2004, 07:28

Groovy! I wonder if it will snow here. It's blowing a gale here in Bath :)

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Post by DoubleChevron » 12 Mar 2004, 12:21

always wondered what snow looked like. Someday I'll take a photo of the sun so you poor guys will know what it looks like if you ever get the opportunity to see it Image Image Image
Shane L.

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Post by tomsheppard » 12 Mar 2004, 14:53

'Allo Jon got a new camera? Or have you found out how to upload your pix to the site? In view of the picture being worth many postings, is it feasable to extend the site to have a gallery?
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It could be worth a thought.

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Post by James.UK » 12 Mar 2004, 20:26

DoubleChevron.. PFRRRRRPPT lol.. Temp here about 6c but with the wind coming down from the snow covered Penines, it is effin freezing!! warmest place to be is in my car! [:D] No snow here though.


Post by Jon » 12 Mar 2004, 23:37

Its always been possible to post images in these Forums (as Admin we just had to turn the feature on, which I did some ago!)I was always unsure about having the feature enabled on the grounds it would take ages for the pictures to open, and would also cost us bandwidth.
As the Forum now sits on a decicated server with oodles of monthly bandwidth allowed, and so many people have Broadband access, we decided to roll with the pictures feature.
The Admin and moderators also have to be careful that unsuitable pictures are not posted.
If you have a digital camera, broadband and some web hosting (I do) its possible to do like I did with the snow picture above, it was on the Forum about 2 mins after I took it. This will be useful for technical postings, we could identify a part on the basis of a photo, or maybe give step by step instructions on a particular job. I need to check that a new Forum thats full of Image topics won't make the rest of the Forum slow, I'll check this point out and if all goes well we'll add the extra Forum in the near future?

alan s
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Post by alan s » 13 Mar 2004, 04:30

I get Toms point with the gallery, however I think with pics be they on postings or in a gallery, it would be a better proposition to have them posted as thumbnails that pop up in a seperate window so we don't have to scroll sideways to read the rest of the messages in the thread as often happens.
Is this feasible?
Alan S

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Post by tomsheppard » 14 Mar 2004, 03:03

Thanks Jon. Part identification is the key here and I was worried about the BW limitation myself but I am glad that the facility can be opened. Hopefully it will allow us to help lots more like minded souls.

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Post by reblack68 » 14 Mar 2004, 03:33

Do images use the forum's bandwidth? I always assumed that the bandwidth used by pictures impacted on the hosting site, not the messageboard.

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Post by James.UK » 21 Mar 2004, 21:32

Left home in bright sunshine to drop a mate off, onto the M67 and it hailed hard! speed down to 45ish visability 600yds at best.. Had a quick coffee at his place, came home in brill sunshine.. lmho.. I was only gone 30 mins!! :-)