Citroen Need a Site Like THIS

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Citroen Need a Site Like THIS

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Hopefully this isn't classed as straying too far off topic.....I wish Citroen had a website like this Austin Rover one, it is a superb site with huge detail about the cars, the engines, the development, brochure and road test reprints. Shame Citroen doesn't have a resource as detailed as this one.
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Post by ralph »

Got to agree, the site's an absolute beauty. I've always had a sick fascination with the Sherpa van. Mmmm. Ugly.
Great pictures on the site, and top contributors


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I've spend happy hours looking at that site, its firmly in my favourites, the wealth of details is great. I enjoyed the Marina "development" story very much!
The site is a great historical study of failed mergers, industrial relations and the way that companies within the same group competed each other. The net result was financial ruin by the 70's. A great site.

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I've seen it before. Got to be the best automotive website on the net.
I hadn't realised just how much of a bitza the Sherpa was.
There was some serious talent at BL and its relatives. To make a loss on one of the best, most popular and most enduring cars (the Mini) in the world must take some doing.
The Marina was a rehashed Minor but used almost no common components, they could have built a new car for less.
When you look at the state of the French motor industry compared to ours it's pretty depressing.

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The guy who operates that site, Keith "Grizzly" Adams, is a fellow BX 16V enthusiast also.
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