Heat related questions-ideas.

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Post by James.UK » 11 Mar 2004, 23:14

UPDATE 2:- I have found a chemical company in Swansea who may be able to supply exactly the same thing but only in 25 litre amounts.. They are looking into the exact chemical make up of the liquid that the USA Co are selling, and then their chemists are going to check that the claims made are tue (they dont want to sell stuff that may damage engines!!) [8)] when they have sorted this out they will ring me back for further discussion. [:)]
The chemist I spoke with did say that on the face of it he thinks we would need more-faster circulation as the heat transfer rate would probably be a slower than with water, but he needs to run a few tests to see exactly what happens in practice.. [:)]

Brian Oblivion
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Post by Brian Oblivion » 11 Mar 2004, 23:20

An oil/water solution is used in coal mining equipment for powering hydraulic supports and other hydraulic equipment. I think the brand used to be Aquacent (made by Century lubrication I think).

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Post by James.UK » 12 Mar 2004, 20:49

New --- and hopefully better.. coolant for car engines??
http://www.evanscooling.com Anyone interested in this product can get it from:-
Automatic Windings LTD
Location: Wimborne, Dorset
Phone: 01-202-872-101
Web: www.automatic-windings.co.uk
No point in looking for it on their website though as they dont even mention that they sell it??? hhmm.. I rang them yesterday, and was asked to ring back today to speak to the gentleman who deals with it, rang twice so far today but no one answered the phone??? Funny way to do business huh..
I would be reluctant to put this stuff in my car at the moment, as i need a lot more info on it, erm, to be honest I dont trust the USA Companies [:0] [:I] But it would be great if someone has an old car around that they are going to scrap shortly and are prepared to use the stuff in it experimentaly and report back to us here?? I would be prepared to pay for the fluid used in such an experiment. [:)]
PS. Jon?? would this be better under a new heading as people may not find it here?