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set the record straight

Post by mark_sp »

Just under a year ago I did a lot of ranting about the poor ride quality of my newly aquired xantia 1.9TD, 1998 vintage.
What I have now realised is that I was in error comparing it to earlier Cit's. In which case it was inferior in terms of comfort.
what I should have been doing I now realise, is comparing it to its contempories. When I do that it all falls into context and the Xantia is not only the comfiest car its also the most competent.
In the last 11 months I have either driven or been a passenger in a surprising number of vehicles (for me anyway)and it has allowed me to compare.
Good God what has happened to modern car suspension systems ?
My only guess is that the bean counters have had the upper hand.
I'm not going to name makes as that will only incite and thats not my intention but I've been in some expensive metal as well as run of the mill stuff.
Okay I can't resist I'll name the two biggest surprises:
For worst suspension I've ever experienced Peugeot 607, (think thats the model number - its the mid size people carrier) what's gone wrong since the 505 ?
For most unexpectedly good suspension (and remember for me the softer the better) brand new diesel Mondeo, yes I'm still in shock. Wasn't exactly Cit like but definately outperformed everything else and handled the minor imperfections beautifully, wish I'd taken note of the tyres.
Anyway I feel better for that.

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Post by tomsheppard »

Tyres are of course the clue here. Fashion dictates ever lower profiles. All this does is reduce the sidewall compliance.
The car rides like a cement mixer.

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Post by RichardW »

Plus, make the ride hard and it handles 'well' - which brings the Journos over all enthusiastic, and it's suddenly a 'great' car (cf the Fraud Fukkus) - but actually in day-to-day driving it's 'kin uncomfortable!
Give me green blood anyday (dunno whether I can face a C5 when the time comes - hopefully I will get at least 10 more Xantia years yet!)

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Post by James.UK »

Richard? so whats your opinion of the ZX ridewise? Its not a hydro I know but I would still like your opinion? 0 to 10? 4-5-6 ish? carefull lots of ZX owners around. lol..

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Post by Paulee »

Whoops Zx owner alert !
My Zx Volcane TD ride is excellent and comes into its own on fast twisty A roads where it seems very plient yet firm just a really good handling ride.
At low speeds it is harsh but thats the trade off you can't have everything.
I run mine on 185/65's which seems to have improved the ride.
I can be objective as I run a Xantia VSX which is so different that comparison makes no sense !

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Post by RichardW »

He he he, yeah I forgot we have 2 'springers' now! SWMBO drives the ZX (I'm not getting a look in!), but I'd rate it at 8 or so. Citroen tend to go for slightly softer rides which gives more body roll, but once you get used to it it's fine. The ZX feels nicely damped and well controlled, it just doesn't 'float' like the Xantia - and it goes round corners like nobody's business - even with dodgy rear sub frame mounts! Probably better on twisty stuff than the Xantia, but on a long m-way cruise, or with lots of gear / passengers on board you can't beat hydropneumatic.
The Focus (and a Seat Leon 110 TDI - which went like a rocket!) were just plain hard by comparison, and I wouldn't have wanted to use one long term.

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Post by lhm_leak »

<blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id="quote">quote:<hr height="1" noshade id="quote">Give me green blood anyday (dunno whether I can face a C5 when the time comes - hopefully I will get at least 10 more Xantia years yet!)<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"></blockquote id="quote"></font id="quote">
The C5's "blood" is orange, AFAIK. LDS, not LHM... I know what you mean though!