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Post by Paulee »

Lime Green MK1 69 Capri 3000Gt wonder where it is now ?
wonder what my Xantia would look like with Rostyle's ?

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Post by James.UK »

Merc 350 SL. auto, 1977 ish, easy on the eye and my fav car to drive.
Merc 300 SEL limo, prob the biggest car I ever drove.
Ford Zodiac estate. Mk3. Wall to wall chrome. lol.

Stuart McB
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Post by Stuart McB »

Always thought the Reliant Scimatar was agood looking car. Sporty estate and goes like stink. Also what about the much under rated Jensen & Healey GT with the Vauxhall built and forgotten to be tested befor use Lotus engine. A couple of motors I've always fancied but never gotten around to owning (yet). One car I have always liked and thought quite pretty was the Xsara VTR or VTS. Had one in Helios gold with all the bits on. It wasn't particulary fast but just looked pretty on the move and on the drive. The wife made me sell it so we (she) could decorate the new super house more rooms with no furniture. But hey ho now running a ZX TD still going strong.

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Post by batwad »

I've just seen pictures of the Peugeot 407 Elixir. They made me go <i>"oooh!"</i>
Me like.

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Post by James.UK »

Triumph Stag...
MGB GT (coronation) limited edition, the dark green one with all the gold trim n stuff.
Riley 1.5 'Pathfinder'...
Triumph 'Mayflower'...


Post by Jon »

James, I rate the Stag as a looker too, that and the V8. Yes, I know that they should have stuffed the old Rover/Buick 3528cc under the hood and saved millions (probably in warranty cliams alone come to think of it!) but those old Stags look good and make a lovely noise.
Last summer we were on holiday in Cornwall and there were various touristy type leaflets in our house, one was for "Cornwall Classic hire" or somesuch with a picture of a Stag, me and my old fella wasted no time and got down there and hired the said Stag for the day, we both drove around S. Cornwall and kept flooring it, with silly grins on our faces. Till we filled up again anyway.

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Post by James.UK »

Hi Jon.. Awww I bet that was a day to remember.. a lovely car, father and son out for the day together, and in such a lovely part of the country too. [^] Memories like that last forever.. [:)]