ZX non standard?

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ZX non standard?

Post by James.UK » 24 Feb 2004, 22:24

When I was helping fit the new door panels on my car we found that the lecky windows worked when the car keys were in my pocket! Mech went to check his ZX which was parked 20 feet away, and found his windows were the same!
My boot wont open electricaly, no elec feed anywhere in sight? I have to use the key, his worked off the central locking and/or a key..
Talking to my mate who owns a manual 1.9D ZX L reg. He cant open his boot with a key? we both tried but it just dont work, but that also works with the central locking! His windows DONT work unless the ignition is switched on? All 3 cars are 5 door ZX 1.9D Avantage 1993 models, so we cant blame the Spanish assemblers. lol.
I also came across an Aura that had no power steering fitted, and some Aura's have front fogs, some dont? the so called limited edition models seen to vary from no elecs to having the full monty of extras?
Another weird thing is, and this applies to most makes of car, they no longer bother to mask out all the lil fittings like door handles etc, they just spray straight over the lot, call it "colour coding" or something and charge more for it? Duhh.. [:I]
Finally, when I bought the aerated front disks for my car they asked me which size? apparently there are two diff size disks? (Volcane brakes) Why? the calipers and pads are exactly the same?? and my car originaly had 13" wheels, i swoped them for 14" inch ally's off an Aura but the larger of the two disk sizes were still too big to fit my wheels? [:o)] lol..
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Post by Jon » 25 Feb 2004, 16:22

I can't provide answers to all of that lot but on the subject of discs.
Ok, all ZX's with vented discs (except the 16v) the discs are 247mm. The 16v uses 266mm discs.Although the 16v has 15" wheels the 266mm discs do fit with 14" wheels. As I mentioned before I'm going to fit 266mm discs with berlingo calipers (when I can find a decent set!)
Aura models did not come with front fogs as standard, any that have them someone has fitted the Citroen kit and cut out the holes in the bumper.
All Aura Diesel and Turbo diesels would have PAS as standard,(I think PAS was an option on Reflex and low spec 19D models) but theres some very early 1.4 and 1.6 Auras and PAS was a no go on the 1.4 and possibly and option on the 1.6.
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Post by TomH » 25 Feb 2004, 17:04

my boot opens/locks with central locking and the key, and windows don't work without ignition.
Are the Spanish 3dr ZXs a lot more quirky then?

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Post by James.UK » 26 Feb 2004, 04:46

Hi Jon, thanks for the info, but I was making comments more than asking questions really, I didn't expect anyone to try to explain it all :-)
Btw I phoned the local Cit dealer about buying all the Berlingo bits I needed to convert brakes over, the Callipers, disks, and pads new from them came to about £350 if I remember correctly, and I would still have to fit them! so I left it, and used Volcane bits instead..
Hi Tom, I think your car works the way it should, as for the 3 doors being assembled in Spain I read that on the forums somewhere, cant recall what it was in referemce too though..