Problem with my Opel Omega

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Problem with my Opel Omega

Post by tomiwa »

I have an OPEL OMEGA B 2.5ltrs V6, 1996 model. I found thick whitish colour emulsion in my radiator bottle, this appeared to be a mixture of oil and coolant. I notice my car overheats in traffic jams and when my AC is on. I also found out that both water level and oil level keep going down each time I checked them. I discovered as well that when I switch on the AC, the green coolant drains out profusely around the Oil filter area. Can anyone tell me what to do to solve these problems

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Post by James.UK »

Replace your cylinder head gasket. And get your cylinder head checked for cracks and possible distortion.
Don't ever drive your car when its overheating, if you continue to do so it will sieze up and will need a complete overhaul or replacement, and that won't be cheap!!


Post by philhoward »

It's a known weak spot on the Opel 2.5/3.0V6 engines, the headgaskets. If it's been doing this for a while, the there's a fair chance that the heads could now be cracked/damaged.

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Post by wontoby »

If the head gasket was the problem, then there will be some water in the oil, seen on the dip stick. Maybe the problem is likely the oil cooler, somewhere around the oil filter housing. Maybe your car is one of those that has a sheet metal oil cooler mounted on the oil filter extension housing just forward of the oil filter. It should have two water lines attached. These have a history of developing leaks - it may simply need to be replaced.
I'm not an Opel expert but I have read these in some forums.


Post by Jon »

May I suggest that you try a Forum that deals with Vauxhall/Opel matters, and not one that deals with French cars.