Xantia prices in free-fall

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Xantia prices in free-fall

Post by mark_sp »

Anyone else (in the UK) noticed that in the last quarter Xantia prices have been in free-fall. There are still the silly dealer prices around but the private sales and small trader prices have crashed. A couple of recent examples:

1998 TD's at approx £1300 - £1500
2000 HDI's at at 3000 - 3300
And 1.8 Forte 2001 at £4000
They are not isolated cases.
Cant make my mind up if this is good or bad, does it represent a buying opportunity or does it mean my car just dropped a grand ?


Post by Jon »

Xantia prices seem to be dropping fast.
I just found this on Autotrader. If that really is £500 thats a bloody bargain!
1999 CITROEN XANTIA 2.1 TD Exclusive 5dr Hatchback Royal blue.Leather seats, Sunroof, ABS, Alloy wheels,Anti theft system, 6CD MOT SEPT04.9mths tax. 71000 miles. . . . . (private)

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Post by lhm_leak »

Yes, but does the engine actually work? I've noticed prices dropping recently too - doesn't really bother me 'cos mine's worth bug**r all anyway, and it'll suit me just fine when I get round to that HDi...

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Post by Paulee »

Does this mean I have paid too much ?
Just got a mint Xantia VSX 1.9 TD for £999.00 off ebay.....
The car is exceptional with only 77000 and fully documented history.
It drives like new.....have I paid too much ?

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Post by RichardW »

>have I paid too much ?
Possibly, but only maybe by 200 quid, and think how much car you have bought for a grand[:D]! What would that buy from Ford - a knackered 93 1.3 Escort with no toys and 120k??
Relax and enjoy the ride![:o)]

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Post by Guru Meditation »

I saw that 2.1td, I think the advert said it had a blown head gasket-or at least I saw a cheap 2.1td like that.

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Post by ActivaV6uk »

i did notice that xanias have dropped price, it seems to have happend around christmas. the wife and i picked up the folowing last year that werent bad!
Xantia Activa £850
Xantia VSX 2Li auto (FSH 1 owner) £390!
Nothing wrong with eather of them. the 406 also seems to have lost alot of value (not saying how much my V6 was but it would have been spending money for a month if it had have been a few £ cheeper!)

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Post by paranoid »

Most second european cars have dropped, wifes brother was after peugeot 206 s/hand but the deals on new ones are just sooooo good at the moment, worked out cheaper than having a loan, Trust me it was! he's a right tight bugger and he never loses money on cars

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Post by DLM »

Hmmm..... cast your mind back to what happened to BX prices (never strong) within 3 or 4 years of the Xantia's introduction. Nothing new here.....