Safety Cameras ???

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Safety Cameras ???

Post by gjb02 »

Are they really safe? Wether they are safe or not, they are devious, sneaky, money making, inobtrusive little vans aren't they?
I feel a bit of a hypocrite harping on about speeding, like some left wing liberal softy, on a previous topic[:I]. But I recently had the misfortune of driving up the A11, not a busy time of the day nor the quickest car on the road at that time either. And what should I see on an overhead bridge, a dully painted transit with its' side door open, by the time I clicked what it was, I believe it was probably too late. A cursory glance at my speedo having slowed, foot-off-throttle, still 80mph. I had sped up to overtake, normally slowing after the manouver. I'll have to hope my speedo is inaccurate and fell within the tolerance speed.
I'm willing to put my hand up and say,'yeah i was driving in excess of the national speed limit', but I'm not entirely pleased with the lack of visual warnings, both in the form of signs and/or a brightly coloured van. I've not gotten a fine as yet, but I await the post!![V]
Still, at least I can financially contribute to the rehabilitation of joy riders at some holiday villa somewhere!

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Post by lhm_leak »

Chances are probably good that you'll be OK - was the operator actually in the van behind the camera, or was he/she up front having a cuppa? In addition to the speed tolerance/calibration issue, it's a little known factoid that these portable cameras have to be physically manned - they are NOT, and are not allowed to be, automatic like a Gatso or Truvelo. (I work for a company which develops these gizmos, and although I personally am not involved with enforcement products I am told by those who are that this is the case.)
Really, it's down to pure luck that I've not been 'done' yet - I know three people, all good safe drivers, who've recently had tickets for doing 35 in a 30 zone... Just a matter of time, methinks!!!

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Post by JohnD »

Having done around 3000 miles in Spain during the past couple of months, happily I haven´t seen one ¨safety¨camera. What they do have in some small built-up areas are traffic lights every 500 yards set at green. However, if you approach them at more than the limit, they promptly change to red. Great idea - trouble is the Spaniards ignore them!

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Post by Homer »

They have 14 days to get the Notice of Intended Prosecution out to you (assuming the car is registered correctly in your name).
In the meantime you might want to visit this site to find out your options.
lhm_leak, could you possibly comment onthis topic?

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Post by lhm_leak »

An interesting topic, Homer!
As I said, I don't work directly with enforcement products, but give me some time and I'll find out about the laser/stabilizing issue - we make some very similar products and although I know generally how they work, I've never asked about that one!

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Post by AndyGimpy »

In reply to these cameras try this website

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Post by Joseph »

Congratulations to Captain Gatso, who is taking a courageous initiative.
Here is a man after my own heart and who cares enough to take positive action.

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Post by lhm_leak »

It's been fairly quiet around here since someone decided to cut down the county's only fixed camera (a Truvelo) with a circular saw. It was repaired in short order though - wonder why?
It reminds me of something I heard. There were 3 cameras on trial in Ulster. Two of them met a fiery end in the normal "Captain Gatso" manner. The third one had a far more dramatic death. Apparently this camera snapped a leading paramilitary figure four or five times in a single afternoon - let's just say he was far from ecstatic!!!
They strapped a large propane gas cylinder to the camera, attached a small bomb to the cylinder, got clear and detonated the whole lot. Literally blew the camera to pieces.
But did that make the authorities think twice? Nah. According to what I heard, they approached the manufacturer concerned and asked them to build an armour plated version...