The latest Haynes Manual

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The latest Haynes Manual

Post by Jon » 19 Jan 2004, 21:34
Yes, handy tips on amongst other things, sex in cars!
No doubt "Refitting is a reverse of the removal procedure". [:p]

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Post by Paulmi16 » 20 Jan 2004, 00:33

I hope it's better written and more accurate than the 306 manual.

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Post by batwad » 20 Jan 2004, 01:42

I wonder how many spanners persuading the missus to "take it naughty" is?

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Post by lhm_leak » 22 Jan 2004, 04:58

5, of course. Not to be attempted by beginners...

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Post by gjb02 » 24 Jan 2004, 13:09

'Use penetrating lubricant if your nuts are stiff', [:p][:D]or
'this job will require specialist tools, please refer to your local Ann Summers for advise'.

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Post by Peter D » 06 Feb 2004, 13:10

Does tell you if its a left or right hand thread.


Post by philhoward » 10 Feb 2004, 02:24

"If it (cam locking tool) doesn't go in the hole first time, keep jiggling it till it does"
"Keep your tools in perfect condition"
"Screw in until you can feel it is fully home"
...any more?!?!?![:I]