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Now I'm a fan of modern hi-tech cars or even old hi tech cars (Most of my Cits[:p]) But today at -3 I was reminded of the benefits of cars from a simpler age. A guy from the next village knocked on my door asking if I could help with his Moggy thou, so out I went opened the bonnet and wow you could see everything[8D] and its function was obvious. turned out to be a bit of condensation in distrbutor plus points adjustment. Bloke also said he thought the timing was out. So we started it up slackened pinch bolt and rotated distrib until it ran nicely so he could get home. screwdriver, 1/2inch spanner and he was on his way.
Now I know there will be a storm of stuff about power brakes/ steering/ ABS/ Aircon / airbags / electronic fuel injection / ignition/ crap handling /braking but when the sh 1 tango is really going down there is something to be said for a real basic car like that, where you can easily work out why it does not go and more importantly fix it with the minimum of tools.
Happy New Year[:)][:)][:)][:)][:)]
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Hello Ghostrider,
Yep, I can see where you are coming from matey![:D][8D]
Happy new year everyone!![:D][:D]
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Surely, we have a car which is just as simple - the ZX 1.9 non turbo.
Just as simple as my mothers old moggie, more reliable and less rust prone.
Ask your friend about changing master cylinder seals, trunnion wear, lever arm shock absorbers, topping up the brake fluid and the structural problems with the wooden frame on the travellers.
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A modern car is less likely to go wrong, but if it does you're probably stuffed, because it will be some wiring part which you have no chance of dealing with without specialist equipment. Which I guess suits the dealers nicely [}:)]

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I wonder if there would be a market for a "simple" car made to modern standards? You are right something like a non turbo ZX is probably a modern equivalent without the build quality problems and a better car to boot, but then we are on the slippery slope again, electric windows would be nice, abs an advantage, who can live without aircon in our globally warmed country? so why do I yearn for an HDI Xantia if this simplicity is what I crave??:-))))
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Hi all.
I actually went shopping for "basics" when i bought my car, my only preference was "diesel automatic" but- - -it took me months to find one! I was offered a few tired, scabby, mileagy ole Mercs, vauxhalls n stuff but wasn't interested, then I heard about a citroen "whatever" that was a 1.9 diesel auto and in excellant condition inside and out, on 85K, without the 'weired suspension fingy' [;)] so I bid for it on the phone, bought it subject to a road test and visual being as described, and it turned out a brill lil car! [:D] lecky windows - roof, power steering, etc etc were all a nice surprise. [:D] and for a Citroen it looked fairly "normal!" [:I] lol..
I prob paid a bit too much for it at £1,400 (summer 2001) but it was worth every penny. [:D] Oh and I got £600 part ex on my old 2 litre auto Carlton!! (that I bought privately for £350 a year prev). [:D] [:D]
Long live ZX 1.9D's [:o)] [:D]