It's a small world....

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It's a small world....

Post by DoubleChevron »

Hi Guys,
well I went into the local autobarn store today to get some new plugs and leads for the 2cv, big surprise, they any that fit.
So I head upto Boursons Automotive and head in side with the 2cv manual (as it has all the spark plugs listed in it) and the old leads. The guy behind the counter looks at the picture and says "You have a 2cv?? I used to sell Citroen parts last year in the UK, infact we even used to sell parts to a couple of people in Australia ..". "That'd be Andyspares" I said ...
He kinda looked at me in surprise and asked did I know anyone from Andyspares... So John woods if your reading this, Daniel says Hi !!
He also told me about this funny guy (or was it crazy b@stard?? can't remember) who they used to sell parts to in Queenlands. He looked downright bloody stunned when I said "yeah, that'd be Alan Smith ...[:D] Image Image ".
Shane L.


Post by Jon »

Hey Shane, nice one!
If you see Daniel again, pass on my regards. It was great fun to have him working at Andyspares last year, and once we'd ripped down the pictures of Holdens and the like he stuck on the side of his PC he soon became aquainted with selling French car parts, and picked it up real quick.
He always used to enjoy Alan's emails and used to get a bit nostalgic as his brother lives/lived in QLD.
It is indeed, a small world! [:)]