Cheap road tax question

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Cheap road tax question

Post by Mark W »

Sorry for my ignorance could someone tell me the engine cc size for the lowest road tax category. I thought it was 1000cc for the lowest and have been scanning the ads for a 1000 cc station car. Someone told me that in fact you can go up to 1300 maybe 1400cc at the lowest rate.
Thanks in advance
Mark W

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Post by JohnD »

I think the tax groups are based on the output of CO2, but only for vehicles built after a certain date. My daughter's 2 litre HDI is in the lowest tax group, whilst the other daughter's 1.9 XUD is in the highest. I believe my own 2.1 would qualify for the low group, but it was regestered before the qualifying date.

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Post by blueboy2001 »

If its on a Y plate or later then it classified under the new rules depending on C02 emmissions.
If its before this, then it classified under the old 2 tier system, which is vehicles less than 1549cc for tier.
So if its engine is less than 1549cc then you get cheap tax.

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Post by Homer »

I think the confusion stems from teh fact that when the rules were brought in the threshold was 1100 but they have changes since.

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Post by Mark W »

Thanks all who responded. I was asking with regard to older cars. I have since found myself a AX of 1124cc. Hope to experience low running costs going forward. Still not quite sure how much 6 mons tax is on this engine size , I hope 60-70 pounds or less?
Mark W

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Post by RichardW »
60.50 for 6 months, 110 for 12

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Post by Mark W »

Thanks Richard, just what I was hoping, thanks again
Mark W

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Post by reblack68 »

When the When the cheap road tax first came in at 1100cc I had a Ford Fiesta 1.1 which was 1116cc. Grrrr

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Post by Paulmi16 »

I remember it well, we had a chap at work with a Rover 111i (he went potty if you called it a metro) boasting about his cheap road tax, until somebody said they'd rather pay the extra than drive a metro. As it was 1120cc it did'nt qualify which made us all laugh.
When the chancellor said it would be for small cars, I wondered if my 205 GTi would qualify being supermini sized, but it was pointed out to me that whilst it was a small car, it had a big engine, so no.