Auction Free For All

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Auction Free For All

Post by kafkaian »

A reliable friend of mine reckons he saw a 1999 2.0 litre petrol Xantia at an auction in Birmingham yesterday for.........GBP500.
Now this is just ridiculous. Had FSH and one owner, started perfectly, ran without any smoke, had no noticable accident damage and therefore (looking really closely) wasn't a cut 'n' shut.
To me this is an insult to the car's design and ability, whilst I can't get over how people just run scared of these cars. But I'm also pleased - as I have others have repeatedly suggested on this forum. It can only be GOOD for Cit fans.
Can't wait until the C5 gets thrown into resale oblivion.

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Post by Homer »

Did it actually sell though?
It's not uncommon for the auctioneer to make up fictitious bidders. Get's the bargain hunters excited so they forget their limit and overbid on another car.
I have seen cars go through as 'sold' only to reappear on the next day at the same auction. I even followed one Xantia around the auctions of West Yorkshire, each time being 'sold' for a lower price, until the seller eventually gave up an took the price I was willing to offer.
Then again, the floor has well and truly dropped out of the used car market.