Fuel Tax/blockade ?

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Fuel Tax/blockade ?

Post by AndyGimpy »

Ok, I thought this would have been up for discussion first thing today but not. So lets have your views on this subject. Please be carfull as I dont want to incite any organising of a blockade or to encourage this but it would be nice to hear your views on the fuel tax situation and should people have the right to cause this disruption.

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Post by mbunting »

I think the sooner we move away from fossil fuels, the better. I don't agree with the extra tax, but it ought to be put towards road maintenance, and some into a new technologies development fund.

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Post by blueboy2001 »

I work in the Agricultural Industry and a customer of mine was involved in the fuel protests at the Stanlow oil refinery last time. I went to see him yesterday and he's not a happy chap, he said the organisers last time have started talking and if fuel gets to 80p a litre again they will seriously look at taking direct action again.

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Post by kafkaian »

I think this government can't make up its mind which way it wants to go; i.e. with the motorist or for greener forms of transportation. I think at the end of the day if they can provide me with clean, safe alternatives to the car then I would reconsider my position. However, they do not so I won't.
I actually have some sympathy with a two-tier system supporting a relief on tax for haulage and freight companies in order for them to find a level playing field within Europe. However, if it means really slating the common motorist then they can b*gger off.

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Post by xsaraboy »

fuel is expensive in the uk compared to usa or even france or anywhere but what can we do about it its just life i suppose i heared someone mention on another forum to stop using all the big fuel stations eg bp esso texaco for 1 day and try and hit them where it hurts (in there pocket) but i dont see how that will work or happen i presume that even the small garagaes get there fuel off the big companys