World's ugliest cars

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Heuliez did quite a sympathetic conversion, echoing the DS and CX safaris. The estate is the most elegant of the BXs

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Post by batwad »

Chrysler PT Cruiser. What a monstrosity.

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Sad git that I am I think the C5 Estate is a real looker for an estate, still I am going to the opticians' tomorrow.......
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Had a close look at the new Peugeot 206 convertable last night! YUKK YUKK.. TUHH. *spits* its horrible!! [:0] [:(!] [}:)]
It looks like a lowered Beetle with a tool box complete with carrying handles strapped to the back... A lady friend just bought one!! real shame as her 'old' car was a brill looking 4 dr Honda civic in black.

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We've got a Xsara for a few days at work. Would be OK if it wasn't a very pale pink colour.

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Top of my list must be the BMW 1-series, sorry, Mini. Followed by the PT Cruiser and Fart Multipla, then the BMW Transit van aka X5, and most of those other Tonka Toys with tractor wheels and towel rails on the front that you see on the 'keep clear' areas outside schools.
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I've just re read this thread and I am amazed to find no honourable mention for the new Micra- a car so ugly that they had to invent new words to describe it "modtro" (modern and retro) What tosh! Its a real pig!