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I've just pulled an (enforced) 18 hour shift and was heading off to bed when my pager went off. So now I'm waiting for a call from the States and trying to keep awake. The treble Brandy I downed in the few minutes after reaching the house and before the pager went off have also had the desired effect. Anyway got some time to kill and need to stay awake so here are a couple of car related thoughts:
Thought 1
Why is that cars now are (generally) more long-lived than ever yet are now treated as consumables and replaced every 24, 18 or even 12 months ?
Thought 2
I'm not a Land Rover owner myself, but I've noticed a distinct similarity between (series) Land Rover owners and Cit owners.
For example a LRO usually has one on the road (although probably needing running repairs and one off the road needing major repairs/renovation (which he will get to eventually but it has been a few years) and possibly another for spares.