am i ill ?

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am i ill ?

Post by mark_sp »

On Friday evening I had the choice of crawling under the Xantia with a can of WD40 or planting some Strawbery plants. Inexplicably I chose to do the planting ! It was only after I had completed the planting and walked around to the front of the house that I noticed the Xantia on the drive, and my blood ran cold. So am I ill, is it the onset of old codgerism ? or had I maybe soaked up too many rays ? with hindsight I did sink a couple [or 5] of ice cold beers while I was doing the planting, and beer + strawberry plants is okay where as beer + cars isn't.

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Post by ghostrider »

Sounds like you got your life back Mark, I love my cars dearly but I've come to the conclusion that if it aint broke don't fix it. I used to spend my whole life doing preventative maintenance, then I became too busy and discovered the if essential jobs were done on time ish that they were not any less reliable and I had time for sitting in the garden with a couple of cold beers and generally enjoying life:-)))
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Don't know how keen I am on the "beer & strawberry" diet though [:D][:D][:0][}:)]
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life??? whats a life???[xx(][?][xx(][?]