Maybe a new forum?

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Maybe a new forum?

Post by JohnD »

I see Haynes have announced their latest publication - "The Baby Manual". Can we expect to see a new forum, Jon?!!


Post by Jon »

I thought John was joking, but yes, its true!
Heres what Haynes say
<font color="blue">Following in the footsteps of the parent Man Manual, The Baby Manual is written for men and covers from conception to 2 years, all models, from 2001 on.
Taking delivery of a new baby is even more exciting than taking delivery of a new car (at least for most people). It can also be more worrying - after all, if you decide you've made a mistake you can't send the baby back to the factory or trade it in for another one. And although each model comes with a lifetime guarantee, warranty claims are hard to make and impossible to enforce.</font id="blue">
You can just imagine it can't you. "Chapter 2, changing the nappy. Pull the RH securing flap in a clockwise direction, and the LH flap in an anti clockwise direction. Gently slide the nappy from under the baby. Clean baby using special wipes ensuring that no trace of dirt remains. Refitting of the new nappy is the reverse of the removal procedure" [^][:p][:o)]
As the parent of a 6 week old and 2 year old girls, maybe I ought to order a copy of the book and see where I've been going wrong[?]

alan s
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Post by alan s »

Geez that's scarey. [:0][:0]
How many times does it say "refitting is the reversal of removal??" hopefully not after describing the birth or after describing the contents of the nappy. How about health problems? "It is suggested that a specialist in the field be called upon to perform this operation" when discussing something lodged in the throat perhaps?? [:p][:p]
Tell ya wot....glad my days of child rearing's over if I have to rely on Haynsey for advice. [:D][:D]
Alan S [;)][}:)]

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Post by mbunting »

What would a hip replacement be ? CV Joints ?

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Post by philbar »

am looking forward to when the 18 year female models are due for a fluid change and refill...[}:)]