Citroen UK Car Spare Prices?

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Citroen UK Car Spare Prices?

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<font size="3"><font face="Comic Sans MS"><font color="red"><b>Citroen BX SPARE Prices</b>I recently had to purchase a top water hose for my 1993 1.9 TXD Saloon, and could only get them through a main dealer. To my surprise the cost was just over £40 including 2 x jubilee clips!
I was NOT happy! I paid for the part and thought that I would contact Citroen Uk to complain about the ridiculous price - image my surprise when I was told they had made a pricing error (at Citroen UK NOT the dealer!) and that the correct price was £16.80 plus VAT!!!
It obviously pays to question the price - has anyone else had any similiar experiences?
Paul</font id="red"></font id="Comic Sans MS"></font id="size3">

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Hi Paul
I had a 1992 XM for a couple of years, during which time I had to replace every rubber coolant hose at an average cost of £40 each. Jubilee clips extra.
Citroen seem to have had a problem producing durable rubber. I also had to replace the fuel hose, LHM return hoses, and the rubber engine mount blocks were from a bad batch of hard rubber that increased engine noise and vibration.


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On a completely opposite view, I've got a 1990 Mk1 AX GT & all the hoses are original & in no need of replacement... probably the only things that dont ![}:)]

David Goddard
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Re Coolant Hose Prices - one of mine failed recently. It was 1.1/2 dia., "U" shaped with a moulded-in jubilee clip and also a metal securing bracket. I thought, here goes £35. It only cost £14. The spares guy said I was lucky, another similar hose costs over £40. He said there is no logic to the pricing. Looks like errors, rather that logic.