Are these words of wisdom???

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alan s
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Are these words of wisdom???

Post by alan s » 07 Jun 2003, 04:31

I just spotted a short sentence used by someone on another board & it really cracked me's true but oh so cynical. (A bit like my current message signature)
I was wondering if anyone else has similar ones they'd like to share??
This gem was:-
"Don't be afraid to try something new. After all, Amateurs built the Ark......Professionals built the Titanic!!!"
I love it [:D][:D][:D]
Alan S [}:)]

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Post by allmond » 08 Jun 2003, 01:42

Yes I like it!
Remember, "He who laughs last.............has only just got the joke!"

stephen burch
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Post by stephen burch » 08 Jun 2003, 14:31

This ark thing, does anyone really believe that? I don't know the full story but it makes me wonder about the obvious, like where did they get all the wood for it and how did they keep the animals fed and content.The noise levels must have been colossal..... atleast you wouldn't get any complaints from the neighbours. I hope i am not coming over as being irreverent but faith says one thing and common sense saya another. Maybe i'm just a reasonably logical person.

alan s
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Post by alan s » 08 Jun 2003, 15:06

Obviously you weren't on the Titanic....[:o)][:o)][:o)][:p]
Alan S [:D]